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Join us on National Numeracy Day 16th May

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Our 2018 Supporters

Improving the UK’s numeracy levels together.

We’re proud to bring together public faces, private businesses and cultural organisations in partnership to support National Numeracy Day and to help us increase numeracy levels across the UK.

National Numeracy

National Numeracy Day is run by the charity National Numeracy - the only independent charity dedicated to improving numeracy in the UK. Improved numeracy is the first step towards better job prospects, financial security and sound decision-making. National Numeracy aims to challenge negative attitudes, influence public policy and offer practical ways of helping adults and children improve their numeracy.

Our ambassadors

Portrait of Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley

There are too many adults in the UK with numeracy skills well below where they should be and it doesn't have to be this way. Poor numeracy lowers confidence, limits job opportunities, and in many different ways costs people money. There's loads of practical help available to improve and regain your confidence in dealing with numbers and I want people to know it's never too late. Everyone has a maths brain and with a little bit of effort and perseverance you can be numerate in no time!

Portrait of Rachel Riley

Martin Lewis

Good functional maths is the sword in our consumer protection armour. Yet sadly most people couldn’t work out the monthly repayments on a £5,000 personal loan at 10% interest over 5 years. That’s a core reason why Brits were ripped off by nearly £30billion with PPI mis-selling, whilst lenders relied on people not to notice repayments were £20ish a month higher than they should’ve been. This is why I support National Numeracy Day. Numbers impact our daily lives. I’d love people to let go of their fear, and try to improve their skills, so that their maths makes life easier.

Portrait of Rachel Riley

Andy Haldane

Levels of numeracy across the UK are low by international standards and, if anything, are getting worse over time. This is imposing big costs on individuals, economies and societies. It is time to raise awareness of the blight of innumeracy and, most importantly, to begin to take steps to improve matters, both among children and adults. National Numeracy Day is a first step towards doing so.

Portrait of Rachel Riley

Bobby Seagull, maths teacher & Doctorate student

As a maths teacher, I obviously love all things numerical but I genuinely believe that all of us can improve our relationship with numbers. And we need to! Whether you’re checking your pay packet, budgeting for a holiday or splitting a restaurant bill, practical numeracy impacts us all. So I’m excited to support National Numeracy day on May 16th – it’s Christmas come early for me!

Portrait of Rachel Riley

Heather Reid OBE, Meteorologist & Education Consultant

I hope we can help raise awareness about the importance, beauty and relevance of maths and numbers. Our society is becoming increasingly underpinned by science, technology and engineering, and it's maths that provides the essential framework for life-changing advances in so many of these fields. Weather forecasting is just one example where numerical modeling has led to improved accuracy and a greater understanding of how our atmosphere behaves.

Portrait of Rachel Riley

Martin Gilbert, Chief Executive, Aberdeen Asset Management

Numeracy is essential to so many aspects of our daily lives, regardless of what career path you follow. If you want to figure out which products are giving you best value in the supermarket or which website is going to get you the best deal on concert tickets, then you need to know the basics. I’m delighted to be an ambassador for National Numeracy Day which I hope will motivate people to have a positive view of a subject that will give them skills for life.

Our founding supporter



KPMG LLP is proud to be the Founding Supporter of National Numeracy Day. As a leading provider of professional services, including audit, tax and advisory specialisms - KPMG recognises that a highly skilled and numerate workforce is vital for social mobility as well as the success of our future economy and productivity. In the UK, we have 14,592 partners and staff working across 22 offices.

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2018 Supporters

CISCO logo


In the next 20 years, all jobs will require an element of digital skills. In its most basic form, digital is about numbers, it’s code, but it’s also a way of working. We believe that numeracy is the single most important thing that will help us be successful as individuals. Whether an engineer, a mechanic or a hairdresser, numbers and what you do with them matters.

Coherence logo

Coherence Agency

Coherence is a specialist Drupal technology agency that delivers insight and top-class digital solutions that transform businesses and place big brands on the digital map.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments logo

Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is pleased to support the UK’s 1st National Numeracy Day and to advocate for urgent action to address poor numeracy levels. As a leading global asset manager, we are passionate about the power of numbers and the importance of numeracy to support better financial education.

Experian logo


Experian is the world’s leading global information services company. They seek to help individuals to take financial control and access financial services, businesses to make smarter decisions and thrive, lenders to lend more responsibly, and organisations to prevent identity fraud and crime. Experian is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Forster logo

Forster Communications

As the UK's leading social change PR agency, we are delighted to be working with National Numeracy and KPMG to help bring the first ever National Numeracy Day to life and to show that we’re all numbers people.

Health Education England logo

Health Education England

Health Education England (HEE) exists for one reason only: to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of England by ensuring that the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place. HEE is delighted to be a lead supporter of the inaugural National Numeracy Day.

The Scottish Government and Education Scotland logo

The Scottish Government & Education Scotland

The Scottish Government and Education Scotland are pleased to support National Numeracy Day 2018. Our aim is for everyone to experience the benefits, joy and beauty of maths in exciting new ways.

NatWest MoneySense logo

NatWest MoneySense

NatWest MoneySense supports young people in learning about money, both in the classroom and at home and we’re proud to support National Numeracy Day.

NS&I logo


NS&I wants to inspire a stronger savings culture. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to save with confidence. We’re excited to support initiatives that improve people’s understanding of their finances and numbers in general, such as National Numeracy Day.

Provident Financial Group logo

Provident Financial Group

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personal credit products to those not well served by the financial services industry, or are excluded altogether, PFG’s social purpose is financial inclusion to help those people improve their relationship with credit and enjoy a full modern life. We’re proud to be supporting the UK’s first ever National Numeracy Day.

Ufi logo

Ufi Charitable Trust

Their aim is to help improve vocational skills in the UK's workforce by funding digital solutions for vocational learning. The Ufi only fund activity that is ‘scalable’ through technology, ie projects that use digital methods to widen access to vocational learning. While digital learning solutions are potentially open to all, they are especially keen to assist digital projects which involve post school age vocational learners that have failed to be engaged by the education system.

Virgin Money logo

Virgin Money

Virgin Money is a retail bank committed to providing simple, straightforward and good value banking to our customers, across our mortgage, savings, credit card and insurance products. We are delighted to support National Numeracy.

Zurich logo


At Zurich, corporate responsibility is an integral part of how we do business. Being a responsible company is fundamental to our long-term sustainability.

2018 Champions

Morgan Hunt logo, Princes Trust logo, UK Finance logo

A - Z

We are delighted to showcase a growing number of official Champions of the day who have all pledged their support in helping improve the number skills of the UK.

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Test your everyday maths skills with our range of learning quizzes, puzzles and problems and find out if you've got the Essentials of Numeracy.

Test your everyday maths skills with our range of learning quizzes, puzzles and problems and find out if you've got the Essentials of Numeracy.

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