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Join us on National Numeracy Day 16th May

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We've got everything you need to help you, your family, your colleagues or school bring numbers to life. Take a look at some of the activities and ideas we've already prepared below and download templates, posters and more. Remember to tell everyone what you're up to across social media using #numberspeople!

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Foxes tweet

@learnersfoxes  16 May 2018 
Today is @Nat_Numeracy Day. We have been looking at prices ready for when we leave @FoxesAcademy and we are living independently. #NationalNumeracyDay #numberspeople #FunctionalSkills

Grayling Scotland
@graylingSCOT l 16 May 2018
David leading the team in a special #NationalNumeracyDay lunch & learn today. Note the sweets on the table for top performers! @Nat_Numeracy


Mr T
@mrtom2018 16 May 
Launching the first #NationalNumeracyDay in @CanaryWharfGrp with the Essentials of Numeracy Quiz! #nationalnumeracy #kpmg @KPMG #numberspeople

Bring numbers to life with ideas from our free toolkits

Two men putting up post its smiling

By getting involved in National Numeracy Day in your organisation, you are taking the first step towards helping change the attitudes, confidence and skills of an entire workforce.

Whether you plan to organise a week-long campaign or just a few activities on the day itself, we've got some handy ideas to get you started. Download our posters, use our quizzes, imagery and social media templates in any way you like and bring numbers to life for your colleagues.

Mom helping son with maths

Numbers are all around us at home and in daily life. But people can often feel overwhelmed by bills, confused by bank charges and wonder if that supermarket deal is really worth it. We're here to help.

Taking part in National Numeracy Day means you are one step closer to sharpening your skills and building your or your family's confidence in using numbers. You never know, you could end up saving more money, progressing at work or just managing everyday situations more easily. Use our resources, download these children’s activities and join our growing online community of #numberspeople today.

Teacher with three students

We know that poor numeracy skills can fundamentally affect people’s lives. Helping young people recognise the important part numbers play in everyday life, early on, can make a big difference.

Numbers and maths can be quite hard to get children enthused about, we know, and with growing emphasis on science and technology subjects, these topics are more important than ever.

We are asking schools and youth groups across the UK to get involved in National Numeracy Day, and help young people sharpen their skills and build their confidence so they can use numbers to: understand and use money; achieve their ambitions in life; manage everyday situations more easily.

Man sitting holding an iPad

Take advantage of our social media assets.

Use our template posts, graphics and imagery and remember to use #numberspeople!

Test your skills with our fun numbers quizzes

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What type of numbers person are you?

Find out if you’re soaring like an eagle or as yet unhatched when it comes to confidence with numbers.

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Quick numeracy check!

Do you have the essential number skills for daily life? Try these sample questions from the National Numeracy Challenge and see how you get on. Afterwards, find out how to keep your number skills in top shape.

Feel free to use a calculator!

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Test your everyday maths skills with our range of learning quizzes, puzzles and problems and find out if you've got the Essentials of Numeracy.

Test your everyday maths skills with our range of learning quizzes, puzzles and problems and find out if you've got the Essentials of Numeracy.

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